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Fine Porcelain Dolls by Doll Maker Deb Hilton

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Deb has been collecting vintage and antique crocheted laces, collars, tatting, jet glass beaded pieces, old hats and feathers etc. Fine old pieces, beautifully made (mostly by hand) that we don't take the time to make these days. This page willl feature dolls Deb makes using these items.

They will not be antique dolls. They will be modern dolls wearing Treasures to Remember. These will be exquisite dolls wearing human or mohair wigs (some handmade). Some will wear handmade leather boots or shoes. They will wear glass eyes or masterpiece soft eyes. These dolls will take time to "come together" as the creative juices flow so there will be only one at a time. Watch for them as they will be Treasures to Remember.


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