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How Deb's Darlins makes fine porcelain dolls

Pouring molds for fine porcelain dollsEach doll starts by pouring plaster molds with high quality porcelain slip. After a short time they are poured out. the molds are opened and while the piece is "leather hard" the nose holes are opened and ears may be pierced.

 The pieces are removed from the molds to dry for a few days. At this point the piece is called green ware. It is painstakingly sanded using special tools. The seam lines are removed, and the eye holes are cut out.

The eye holes must be precisely sized  with a sizer so the eyeball will sit flush into the opening after firing. Porcelain shrinks about 12% during firing.

Details are put into the fingernails and knuckles to look real. At this stage, Deb carves her initials and the year permanently behind each doll's right ear.  Each piece is then inspected under a magnifying glass to be sure all flaws are removed.

Next, the piece is fired in a kin to approximately 2200 degrees. It takes 7 to 10 hours. It must cool slowly. At this point it is now called bisque. The pieces are sanded smooth.

Hand painting details on the face of a porcelain dollThen china painting is started. The paint goes on in several layers. They must be fired between each layer in the kiln at approximately 1300 degrees.

 When appropriate moons and tips are painted on the nails. This method produces a natural look and the fired paint is permanent.

The next step is setting eyes with plaster. Next human hair eyelashes are applied to the top.

Almost all dolls have a cloth body that the porcelain parts areAssembline the wire frame body for a porcelain doll attached to. Inside the dolls you will find a handcrafted wire skeleton that will allow the dolls to be posed.

High quality wigs and eyes are used to give the dolls a quality finished look. If needed each doll comes with a felt covered coordinated stand. The last step will be sewing the clothing.

How to Order from Deb's Darlins

Specify which doll you are ordering by using the doll's name. This is especially important when ordering one of the Aaron dolls.  It avoids confusion and helps us process your order faster.  We prefer doing business with our customers personally and handle many of our orders right over the phone.  We're also delighted to communicate with our customers using email. 

Please contact Deb's Darlins by phone or email if you have any questions or if you need something special. Deb can do nearly anything you have in mind. She has done all kinds of dolls, including Quincenera dolls, Basque dolls, Mexican dancing dolls, look alike dolls and so on.  She even had a customer bring her a box full of Czechoslovakian doll clothes wanting dolls made to fit them.

Credit cards accepted

Deb's Darlins accepts MasterCard and Visa. To order with your credit card call 208-452-5682.  We do not currently  accept credit cards online, and handle each credit card order in person over the phone.  

If you are paying via PayPal please email us for an invoice that includes actual shipping charges.

Money orders and checks accepted

We  also accept money orders and checks.  We wait until checks clear before shipping the order.

Layaways accepted

We accept lay away with 1/3 down, a second payment due in 30 days,  and the last payment 30 days after the second payment.

Shipping charges

Shipping charges are the actual shipping cost.  We prefer shipping via Priority Mail because the dolls are handled less, but we can ship your order using the shipping method of your choice. 


All dolls must be insured (at purchasers cost). 


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