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Arouna porcelain doll with custom designed doll clothesOne of a kind porcelain dolls

Doll maker Deb Hilton creates one of a kind porcelain dolls with charming individual personalities. Each doll is hand painted with attention to detail often reserved for rare collectible dolls. Human hair eyelashes, just the right wig and doll clothes designed for each doll make each personality truly unique, and very real looking.

Deb has perfected her doll making techniques over the past nine years and you can see her true love of the trade in each of the personalities she creates.

Deb's fine quality starts with finely crafted molds

Deb's Darlins uses molds purchased from  well knownAaron porcelain baby doll sculptors such as Dianna Effner, Donna Rubert, Kay Wiggs, Hidegard Gunzel, Elke Hutchens, Jane Zidjunas, Jan Garnet, Kay McKee, Gwen Ross, Linda Mason, Cindy Marchner Rolf, Vera Scholz, John Nissen, Fazah Spanos and Jennifer Estaban.  

These molds are very expensive and can be poured many times.  Although Deb may make the same doll more than once, each doll will have different hair, clothing,  eyes and personality.

Flossie Native American porcelain dollSatisfied Customers Tell the Real Story

Deb has sold dolls to a wide variety of people, from avid doll collectors to celebrities such as  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Demi Moore.  Her customers truly appreciate Deb's remarkable quality and  workmanship; her attention to details and the lifelike appearance and  personalities of her dolls. (Click here for close-up views.)

Here is what some of Deb's customers say about the fine porcelain dolls she makes.

"I am an avid doll collector with over 190 dolls in my collection. I have seventeen of Deb's dolls. Each one is exquisitely done, particularly the detailing of each face and clothing. Because they are "hand-crafted" each one is unique and they each have their own personality. They have become "my favorites" of the collection."

JoAnn Hill


"I can go from booth to booth at a show and can tell the difference immediately between Debs dolls and others. They grab your eye and your heart. They are made with love and precision. They are incomparable to other dolls. They have soul and spirit and they steal your heart. The faces all have character. I could look at them all day and sometimes do for I have two of the little darlins myself."

Rhonda Nagel


Over the past few years I have purchased about 20 dolls of all sizes from Debs Darlins. Her dolls are of the highest quality and have a personnel touch which makes each doll stand out and talk to you. I strongly recommend any one who is ready to purchase a porcelain doll check hers out first you’ll find that Debs Darlin’s dolls will win hands down. I might add that my brother in Montana also has several of her dolls and makes a special trip down here just to purchase a doll from her.

Noel Heisey
Boise, Idaho


Deb Hilton, in my, opinion is one of the most marvelous doll makers in the United States. She has made me many dolls including an old American Indian couple, a girl doll from India, a Russian lady doll, a boy and girl from Holland, and a flapper from the twenties era. Deb's dolls are so very lifelike you might believe they are real people. The quality of her work surpasses any I have seen. She is a perfectionist and every detail is fabulously beautiful.

Barbara Wagner
Salt Lake City, Utah


"I have been collecting Deb's Darlins for many years. I have thirteen so far. Deb's dolls are my favorites. The quality and workmanship that goes into each and every doll is remarkable. When I go to the Idaho State Fair, I can easily pick out the dolls that Deb has submitted as their quality stands above the rest. I will continue to buy dolls from Deb as long as I have money and don't run out of space."

Tammy Lee


"All I did was show Deb a picture of my cousin in one of her folkloric dresses and she came up with a doll I had never seen before. I have searched all over and could never find a Mexican doll. Later I purchased another doll for my cousin who was having her Quincenera and it is tradition to present her with a doll and I took another picture to her and she made an exact replica of her. Even down to the ribbon in her braid. Her dress was the same color when you put her next to the doll it is a splitting image. A child hood dream was to have a doll like this and I have asked other doll makers if they could make me one and they said no. When I met Deb at an Art's and Craft day in the park she as full of ideas and more than willing to help out. Deb's work is just priceless."

Marcela Cary


I met Deb at the Portland gift show and saw all of her beautiful dolls. I had a hard time choosing just the right one. I wasn't pushed into a quick decision. I love the one I finally picked and can't wait to see all her new dolls.

Carol Zylstra


The dolls shown here are but a few of the dolls available from Deb's Darlins.

Click here  to have Deb email you a "preview" photo of new dolls before they become available on this site or at shows, to be notified when new dolls are available for adoption, or to find out about having a custom doll made.  

This site changes frequently as dolls are "adopted" and new dolls are added. Please bookmark this site and come back to visit often.

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